Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mother and Me

As Richard, Janet and I were about to leave El Cajon after a wonderful Christmas visit I thought it would be a good idea to get a picture of Mother and me. Here is my favorite.

THE Wing Chair

Awhile ago driving to work I saw a decent-looking wing chair in a garage sale. I phoned Richard and suggested he go look at it. It was $3. He decided we couldn't go too far wrong at that price and bought it. It cleaned up fairly decently.

Then came our living room remodel. Chair was good but the fabric was an eyesore in our beautiful new room. So we tackled the project.

With Janet's help we have a lovely new chair. (The fabric has a definite nap to it so it looks different depending on how the light hits it.)

We are pleased with the chair. (It is no longer a $3 chair!)

And I have two bits of advice to all who might consider a similar project. 1. Dining chairs and couches are one thing; a wing chair is an entirely different animal - best left to experts. 2. NEVER tackle a project like this during the holidays.
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