Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our "Soon-to-be-ours" House in Brigham City

We have at last seen the home we started purchasing sight unseen - except internet pictures and a visit by our daughter in Brigham City. We both felt the Lord's approval of this choice so felt confident in this selection.  We are very pleased with what we saw. The 2300+ square foot house
is a corner lot that is just over a third of an acre. There are apple, cherry, pear and walnut trees on the property.  There are at least 8 neglected rose bushes on the property and some iris.  It was good news that the property comes with generous irrigation rights.  Lots of work ahead of us but we're "retired".  Very much looking forward to moving in.  
I realize this is Utah BUT to this 30-year Texan who's traveled by car 20 - 30 minutes to church for the last 30 years the fact that the ward building is literally across the street and it will be quicker to walk than drive is exciting.

Closing date should be the end of June. Hope you enjoy the following pictures.

Front of the house - love the porch.  The dry lawn makes us sad. Hopefully some water will  bring back the grass. I'm thinking about what to plant in those planters and what to plant in hanging baskets. (I've been allowed a maximum of 6 hanging baskets)

The back of the house.  That is a walnut tree at the right of the picture.  The white door is from the garage.  The window on the left is one of two master bedroom windows.  The door in the center is the utility room.
This is the outbuilding Richard will make his workshop. Needs new roof and at least a paint job if not new siding. A tool shed is attached to the side of the building. (Our son-in-law is in the picture.)

The two car garage.  It is obviously needs help.

There are lots of grapevines on the property.  This is one group of them.

The living room extends the entire width of the house. 

The beautiful ceiling and light fixture in the room next to the kitchen.  We call it the green room. It is directly opposite the kitchen. It's use is being negotiated.

The left side of the kitchen.  The stove is missing burner pans but does have the heating coils.

The right side of the kitchen.  That is a very nice side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator.  Remodeling the kitchen is on our to-do list. IKEA here we come.
This hallway opens off the green room.  Love the storage and display space.  The bathroom entry is between the cabinets and the shelves.  The utility/mud room is through the open doorway.  You can see the back door.  The master bedroom is to the right of this picture.

The master bedroom.  It is bigger than our bedroom in San Antonio.  You can see one of two closets at the left of the picture.  The one you see has shelves built in the end - I've claimed that closet. :)

This is an approximately 15' x 15' storage area under the garage.  It is built of cinder block and has a cement floor.  An ideal food storage area with lots of room for storing my holiday decorations and other things.  This is a VERY nice surprise.
This is the door to the storage room.  It is a gorgeous door that needs to find another home (and some refinishing).  Because it is short not sure where we will end up using it but I'm thinking my hobby room.

This is one corner of the hobby room.  The door on the left opens to the basement family room.  The door on the right opens to the room we will use as Richard's study.  Thinking about replacing that door with wall to allow for more shelving.
Another corner of the hobby room.  That is all wall paper that will eventually be removed and the wall painted. Notice how much light is in this basement room.  The power isn't turned on so this is all natural light.
This will be Richard's study.  It opens to the basement family room.
This sideways picture is a view of the wall shared with the hobby room.  Has some nice storage.
This is looking from the door to the family room.  Note the beginnings of  a three-quarter bath.  The sink is installed with plumbing for the throne - otherwise n
known as a toilet - and a shower.

And this is the throne room.  The toilet flange was installed on a three foot pipe.  Without some modification it would really be a throne. Sorry about the sideways view.  Again I couldn't correct it with the skills at my disposal. 


  1. This is awesome! Love the craft room! You're going to have such fun re-modelling the kitchen - you've had your practice! Good luck & y'all will be missed!

  2. Looks like a house that needs some tender loving care, but much potential. I like the ceiling in the green room. I guess you stepped away from one kitchen remodeling job to start another, but at least you know what you are doing! I too would love to be walking distance from church. That has only happened once in our married life, and I loved being so close.

  3. Looks like you found a great house with lots of projects to keep you busy. It will be fun to see what it will look like in the end. We are excited to have you so close, I hope you can survive the Brigham City winters!

  4. Exciting!!! Congratulations!

  5. Looks like a great home with tons of potential!