Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Walk in Our Yard

Spring is making its appearance in San Antonio. It is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the promise of good things to come. My citrus trees/bushes are budding with a few buds already open.

The white buds are the Satsuma orange tree.

The pinkish buds belong to my Meyer Lemon.

The pot of ground orchids are in bud and beginning to bloom.

This camellia bush seemed to burst into bloom overnight.

The Fan-Tex Ash tree in our backyard is beginning to leaf out
And our vegetable garden - such as it is. The bugs are enjoying our spinach more than we are.

One determined beet seed finally germinated after we planted the edible pod peas.
Two rows of peas are up and a third is beginning to make its appearance. (You can see the third row if you look carefully in the upper righthand corner.)

My sweet peas are finally poking thru the surface.
They do have to contend with the pea gravel we've been trying to get rid of for 26 years.
The pansies are continuing to reward us with lovely blossoms.
Spring - good things are coming.