Thursday, July 29, 2010

Progress We Can SEE!

The ceiling in the family room and kitchen is textured and painted.
[We could even uncover the ceiling fan light now. Plastic will probably be left up until all the sheet rock, tape and floating are completed. (Do you know how far sheet rock dust can go!)]

The old vinyl tile is gone and the black adhesive removed. (The Armstrong tile's surface didn't hold up very well but it certainly stuck well to the floor!) All that remains of the kitchen sink is the hot and cold water pipes. A history of water leaks from dishwasher and sink left the sheet rock in bad shape and needs to be replaced. (The sheet rock left looks MUCH better than what was removed!)

But the rest of the sheet rock work is done except some sanding. The tile area with the white spacers is set in thin set in a brick pattern - a continuation of the family room tiling. The diagonal tiles are laid out to determine if that is really what I want in the "alley" space (cabinetry on each side gives about 40 inches of walkway) in the kitchen. He's been able to set the wet saw out on the patio to cut the tile as needed. Sure is nicer (and faster) than having to go up and down stairs to the garage to make individual cuts.

Hopefully tomorrow Richard can get the rest of the floor put down so he can grout on Saturday and finish the drywall work. And the to-do list goes on. But it is getting shorter.

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