Thursday, September 10, 2009


Doesn't the chair on the right look good!?!
On Monday Janet and I found and purchased, because it was on sale for half price (and the only way we could afford it), fabric to cover the dining chair seats and the wing chair. We also found coordinating fabric to make curtains for the living room. Since Richard has worked so hard on redoing the living room I thought I should get started on the chair seats. What a difference! The fabric is reversible. Over Thanksgiving break Janet and I plan to recover the wing chair with the lighter side as the right side. I had to special order the curtain fabric because they didn't have enough on the bolt. Time for one more seat before I need to move on to other things.
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A Thing of Beauty

Alright. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if you've suffered through the driest two-year period on record and spent hours hand watering in hopes plants would survive and not even considering their thriving, this is a VERY pretty picture. This was today's rainfall. When the picture was taken we were getting another few sprinkles of rain. More rain is predicated for Thursday and Friday.

Another delight for today. Today's high was only 88 - the first time the high has been below 90 since May 23rd. For most of July and August our highs were in the triple digits.

I might even enjoy this September!
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh! By the Way...

On August 16th I was released from the Stake Primary Presidency. On August 23rd I was extended the calling of Ward Relief Society President and sustained on September 6th. For those who are thinking "haven't you done this before," the answer is yes. This will be the third time for me to serve in this capacity: first time in Shreveport when Julie was a baby, and here about 17 years ago.
I have spent much of the past quarter of a century working in the Primary organization - either in Scouting, Nursery or the Stake Primary presidency (with Scouting or Nursery responsibilities). This will be a change!

My third time as a den leader was probably the most rewarding, as was my third time as nursery leader. I'm hopeful the pattern will continue.

As notes of interest:
1 - In San Antonio I was called under Neil Jorgensen. He was released and Roger Davis was the new bishop and I served under him. This time I will serve under Rod Davis - Roger Davis' twin brother.
2 - There are now 3 Lawrences in the Ward Correlation -Janet as YW President, Richard as HP Group Leader, and yours truly.