Sunday, October 17, 2010


Richard has been diligent in tiling our kitchen walls when not working, filling church assignments or some such.
Today the last tile was put in place - except for the decorative mosaic that is being attempted (the printed design pattern was inserted into the "hole"). The dark caulking was put between the wall tile and counters and between the dark decorative tiles (actually designed for use as a chair rail). Grouting remains to be done once the tile has been in place 24 hours.

We've called it the backsplash for so long but now that it is close to being completed perhaps it would be more accurate to label it kitchen wall. What ever you want to label it, it is GORGEOUS!

Over the stove.
The baking corner   

 Area over dishwasher (color is off)

Next up on the "to - do list" is to install the vent over the stove - almost hate to cover up any of the beautiful wall. But it will be nice to get the boxes emptied and recycled.

While Richard has been working on the kitchen I've been working on the family room changing things around and getting rid of some furniture. Pictures of that when I'm closer to completing that task.
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