Thursday, September 16, 2010

Backsplash started!

Dashing through the house
With trowel and tile in hand,
Creating is my spouse,
A backsplash oh so grand.
First a row set straight,
Then the tile vine:
Oh this pattern is ornate,
Each rhombus is in line!

Looking good, looking good,
Looking oh so grand!
Oh what fun it is to see
The kitchen we have planned!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Functioning Kitchen

Tuesday was a red letter day in our kitchen remodeling. Our LG HI-MACS(r) Volcanics Solid Surface counters were installed. We chose a color called "Dorado." Once Gecko Solid Surface Solutions had installed the counters and left, Richard and I took out the broom closet cabinet to replace the foot that had been bent when the broom cabinet was put back after the corner counter had been put in place - counter wouldn't go in unless it was cut or we took the cabinet out. The latter was an obvious answer for us. We had to do it right away as the installers had glued the counter to the cabinet and we had to remove and replace before the glue dried.
Richard next tackled the kitchen faucet and sink drains. He was just about to go to the store to get needed parts when the plumber showed up and was able to install the gas line and stove. That evening Richard finished the sink plumbing with a minor problem - one sink basket didn't seal completely. So we put a bucket under the sink and called it good until he could work on it again.
Thanks to some internet research the next day Richard was able to get it sealed and we had a fully functioning sink.
One of the things I've discovered about this gas cooktop is that the setting right after ignition is "hi." "Low" is at the opposite end of the dial so you can't ever extinguish the flame when trying to simmer a pot.

I like the faucet - though I have to learn how to best use it. I am learning (as the water splashes out of the sink) that you really don't need to turn it all the way on to get a full flow. The one we installed is a single handle faucet.
And the display cabinet.

We waited until the counters were installed before putting on the doors and putting my cup and saucer collection in their new home. I was also able to find a home for Grandma Murtle Cowles' pitcher and Great-grandma Shaw's sugar bowl.
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