Sunday, October 30, 2011

Can an old dog learn new tricks?

Two weeks ago on October 16th I was sustained as Stake Home Storage Specialist.  Last Sunday I was set apart as Stake Home Storage Specialist.  Today, after serving just over 2 years, I was released as Leon Valley Ward Relief Society President. I really thought I'd be mostly relieved - and a weight was lifted from my shoulders.  But I have grown to appreciate the sisters in our ward and there is some sadness in leaving that relationship.  My first councilor was called as the new Relief Society President. She was an excellent counselor and will be an excellent president and the sisters are in good hands.

My new calling will really be a new calling as I've never served in this capacity before. (My history has been to "recycle" callings - Relief Society president, Nursery leader, Cub Scouting, Stake Primary Presidency most notably.) I'm looking forward to "learning my duty" and seeing what encouragement I can give in helping the people in our stake increase their self-reliance. I intend to make use of Kathy's expertise - thanks in advance Kathy. Time for this old dog to learn new tricks.

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  1. Wow, congratulations. I hope you enjoy your new calling. I would really find that a challenge, but I'm sure you'll be great at it.